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- It supports ToDo type (Tel, SMS, Address, Email, Website, Other, and User type edition) - You can send ToDo to email, and you can add email to ToDo. - Alarm (various sounds and option) and ToDo badge are supplied. - When adding new ToDo, you can appoint default value. - You can appoint context and tag to every ToDo.

- It provides list view and Thumbnail view, and you can choose various background. - You can add photos and maps into note, and you can add names on the map. - The inserted photos and maps can be shown in image and in the list and you can attach it to email to send. - You can choose fonts by note and when you add new note, you can appoint basic value.

- The contents is shown in the main screen of note, and you can check important memos straightaway. - You can change location, size and color of memo by Drag and Drop - You can save memos into ToDo or Note, and also can send it to email.

- It provides password locking service (App locking and folder locking). - You can set up various folder/arrange/filter options by folder.- You can search information easily. - It provides email backup and Wifi backup/restoration

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